04 novembro, 2010


«Utilisation of the TRANSRAPID in Europe Dr.-Ing. Bernd Neumann Union of European Railway Engineer Associations, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
3.3 Extension of TEN
The special situation regarding the cross-border connection of railway networks with different gauges was dealt with at the beginning of this report. The European Commission has initiated the TEN Project 19 in order to improve the connection between Spain and Portugal with the rest of Europe; the costs are as yet unknown. “The different gauges of the railway networks on the Iberian Peninsula and in the rest of the European Union are one of the biggest hindrances for the efficient operation of the European railway network system. The project includes the construction of new lines and the installation of polyvalent sleepers, additional tracks or
gauge-changing installations for the high-speed net in Spain and Portugal in order to provide full interoperability with the remainder of the trans-European railway network.“ (European Commission 2003) The same situation, but on a vastly bigger scale, exists in the east of Europe with all the countries of the former
Soviet Union...»

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  1. TGV como sinal de evolução sim havendo como pagar o investimento, com o país em decad~encia só se for para arrancarmos todos daqui para fora, e que se lixe o resto...


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