31 agosto, 2014

Save Algarve, Portugal from gas and oïl drilling. In Portugal we need to continue developing clean and green energies and to have a quality tourism

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Luz, from where Maddie McCann disappeared, belongs to the municipality of Lagos in the Barlavento, region of the Algarve, in southern Portugal.  and «Praia da Rocha (English: "Rock Beach") is the beach and built up area on the Atlantic Ocean which is also on the southern section (Barlavento) of the municipality/concelho of Portimão, Algarve, Portugal.

Have a look to municipalities that exist in the Algarve, you can confirm that the municipality of Lagos (where there is Praia da Luz) and Portimão (where there is Praia da Rocha)  are next to each other


Now that Atlantic ocean currents warmed Algarvian water's I suggest you all a "nice" yacht promenade and a sunbath on Praia da Rocha coast by the "oil and gas extraction" (?!?)  platform which is allready there without natives and residents consentiment or information about all the details of the activity.


Portuguese population as no knowledge about:
benefits or curses that the project may result in as for the present or future population or ecosystem; licenses; what kind of insurance against all risks are being done; % for a public fund incoming from the activity.

Unfortunately till now any popular referendum was been done in order to know what is the will of the Portuguese and European people (especially those who are in favor of green and clean energies and those that live in here) about this subject.

Please help us (ASMAA, Algarve Surf And Marine Activities association) by donating, «We need to raise 1000 Euros by 5 September 2014 to be able to mount another wave of awareness about the risk of oil and gas exploration for the Algarve in September – this will help us to pay printers for campaign materials, travelling, telephone call charges, etc.» and by   signing the petition "SAVE THE ALGARVE FROM OIL AND GAS EXPLORATION"  link:


Fore More information about this, link:


Thank you.


 On the  29 August 2014 at 9:10 a.m

At Desidério Jorge Silva , tourism president of Algarve, facebook profile  in a public  photo , where he thanks all of us for helping making the Algarve the biggest holiday destination in the country,  I asked a few questions:

« What is happening on the sea in front of Praia da Rocha?

Is this the birth of a platform for exploration of oil and gas in the Algarve?

By the way did you already:
- Elucidated the population about the pros and cons of a kind of exploration of these and the economic benefits that this poses for the public purse?
- questioned the population whether or not about if they want or not want these type of energy production?
- Informed the residents about the possible environmental impacts? »

Desidério Jorge Silva, tourism president of Algarve, did not answer to my question , instead José Casimiro answered to it asking me to not  say nonsense things and that the platform is a machine that is collecting sand to put it  in the neediest beaches and also commented that these kind of comments  may compromise the Algarve and particularly Portimão

You can read the details (in Portuguese) at next link (note: as soon as the link opens you can press in the left side of the mouse in order to see a big image as well as readable letters.




No fb (ainda sobre o assunto da hiperligação anterior) Laurinda Seabra respondeu (+- às 19:53hrs. de dia 31 de Agosto de 2014) ao comentário de José Casimiro:

«A draga que esta agora no algarve e um barco que esta em Albufeira chamado "Fraga R" e que estara aqui por mais uma semana pelo menos a por areia em 6 praias entre Lagoa e Albufeira.

...esta na fotografia, e um jack-up plataforma que esta em Portimao entre a Praia da Rocha e a Praia do Vau que tambem e usada para abrir canais no chao do mar para por linhas de comunicacao, electricos, tubos de gas, tambem sao usadas para por as "wind turbines" no mar, para manter material, para cozinhas, etc ... e uma plataforma de apoio a operacoes offshores com funcoes multiplas.

Ha muitas delas algumas do mesmo tamalho, outras maiores e mais sofisticadas.

A capitania de Portimao ja nos disse que esta plataforma esta de passagem e que solicitou fundeadouro em Portimão. Mas ainda estamos a espera de resposta quantos dias e que vai ficar aqui, e qual o destino?

De qualquer maneira nao e um "site" que queremos ver aqui no Algarve nem o turismo na nossa opiniao. Mas vai ser o que vamos ter se ninguem se levantar contra esta situacao.

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